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Canadian Masters Track + Field Championships 2018

The first weekend of August was a date etched in the minds of the NTFC Masters since they started fall conditioning back in October of last year.  With Nationals scheduled a quick ferry ride away in South Surrey, ten NTFC Masters used the event to mark the peak of their season where personal bests would be achieved and medals won, brought on by competition against the very best Masters track and field athletes in Canada.  


Our Masters did not disappoint!  Congratulations to ALL with special mention to Dave Munro, who ran the start leg of the Canadian Record winning 4x100m relay in the M75-79! Way to go Dave, you are finally in the record books!

M 85-99 Joe Giegerich Gold Triple Jump, Gold Long Jump, Silver Pentathlon, Silver Discus, Bronze 100m, Bronze Javelin

M 75 David Munro Bronze 100m, Bronze 200m

M 70 Jess Brewer Gold 80m H, Gold 300m H, Silver Pole Vault

M70 Terry Riggins Bronze 400m, 4th 200m

M 65 Sven Donaldson Gold High Jump, Bronze Pole Vault

M 65 Tim Hendrie Silver 400m, Bronze 800m

M 40 Phillip Vannini Gold Shot Put, Gold Discus

W 65 Sandra Bissessur Gold 800m, Bronze 400m, 4th 200m

W 60 Nola Hendrie Gold Pole Vault, 4th 100m, 4th Shot Put, 4th Long Jump, 4th Discus

W 55 Patti Rogers Gold 400m, Gold Long Jump, Silver 100m, Silver 200m

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