When did you join NTFC? What other favourite sports or activities do you regularly partake in? 

I joined NTFC in Grade 7 but started taking it seriously in Grade 9. I have been a hockey player since I was little but quit to focus on track.. I'm also ski, surf and love to play basketball and spike ball.

Which event(s) did you compete in? What were some of your goals/targets going into the outdoor season before it was scrapped? 

I competed in the Middle Distance events, from 400m to 6km Cross Country, even dabbling in the 200m, but mainly focussed on the 800m. The goals and targets I had for this season were to finally break 2:00 in the 800 and to get down to the 1:57-58 range by the end of the season, as well as improve my strength and speed on the track.

Is there an event that you secretly wish you had tried and why? 

I secretly wish I had tried the Pole Vault, even though my younger sister would forever be better than me.

Which annual track meet did you most look forward to? Recall a highlight. *

I always looked forward to the BC High School Championships because of the competition, the team bonding and the atmosphere and pressure of the meet. A highlight would be running a PR at Provincials in the 800m heats in 2018.

Rank and briefly describe your top 3 track memories. 

1.  University of Washington trip for the High School Indoor Meet in Grade 11. The world-class facilities and the chance to see runners run sub-4 minute miles was impressive.

2.  Competing in the Cross Country National Championships this past Fall and redeeming myself on an underwhelming cross country season.

3.  Last summer's weekend trip to Keaton's and Kyra's cabins on Horne Lake..

Name a coach, athlete or mentor that had an impact on your track career so far. What would you like to say to them? 

I can't name just one!! Huge thank you to Tyler Heisterman, for being the man with the plan and the mastermind behind all of our groups' success. He is also the most energetic, hype and motivating coach I've ever met. Thank you to Shelby and Melissa for teaching us to be lifelong athletes, showing us how to take care of our bodies and exposing us to the amazing sport of trail running. Your passion and patience with each of us in unmatched. Finally, thank you to my mom, for pushing me and motivating me to get out of the house and run.

What are your plans next fall? 

I will be attending Simon Fraser University in the Fall in the Sustainable Energy Engineering Program. I hope to join the SFU track & cross country team at some point in the next four years because of the NCAA Division 2-caliber sports program and the connections I have on the team.

How do you see yourself involved in track and field in the future? 

I see myself involved in track and field at university, hopefully securing a spot on the team. I also see myself coaching, whether that be with a local club such as NTFC or at a university program. Track and field has taught me that fitness can truly improve your physical and psychological well being, so I will definitely use the tools I have gained from track to live healthy throughout my life.

How about some words of wisdom for up and coming young track + field athletes? 

"Have fun, try hard and make new friends!!" - Hope Stewart