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Masters Track & Field
Ages 35+


The NTFC Masters group is a small dedicated team of athletes ages 35+ that trains year-round for indoor and outdoor competition.  Our athletes participate in all athletics events including sprints, hurdles, throws, jumps, pentathalon and decathalon and compete in Island, provincial, national and international meets. 

The Masters training season typically begins in October with several months of general conditioning in preparation for the competition season.  Practices are held 2-3 days per week and include aerobic, plyometric, strength, core, speed and speed endurance workouts.  Hill and track intervals, medicine ball, weight-room training, circuits, bleachers, yoga are all combined to condition each athlete and provide a fun and dynamic team experience.

The Spring /Summer competition season begins in April and ends by mid-September with the 55 Plus Seniors Games. During this time, training continues 3 days per week and becomes more event-specific. 


We welcome new athletes to join our group. Please be advised however, that this is not a fitness group but rather a group for fit individuals who aspire to participate in athletics at a competitive level. No experience is necessary and competition is not mandatory but availability and desire to train as a member of a competitive group is ideal.


Please contact Coach Wanda Urbanowicz at for REGISTRATION LINK and more information.

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