When did you join NTFC? What other favourite sports or activities do you regularly partake in? *

Joined in 2019. I also play Basketball.

Which event(s) did you compete in? What were some of your goals/targets going into the outdoor season before it was scrapped? 

I was going compete in Triple Jump and according to my practice jumps when I started doing it for the first time last year (13.2m) I could have been a contender for a Medal.

Is there an event that you secretly wish you had tried and why? 

100m and Triple Jump. For some reason I did Long and 200m.

Which annual track meet did you most look forward to? Recall a highlight. 

BC High Schools.

Rank and briefly describe your top 3 track memories. 

1. Switching lanes during my first 100m race ever

2. Our 4x100 team anchor starting in the wrong lane during the 4x100 relay at Islands.

3. Our anchor not showing up till 15min before the finals of 4x100.  

Name a coach, athlete or mentor that had an impact on your track career so far. What would you like to say to them? 

Dave Morris. He was really helpful even though I was an older athlete who had way less knowledge about jumping that I should have at that stage. I'd like to say just "Thank you for making my only track season even somewhat memorable".

What are your plans next fall? 

Going to UVIC and maybe practicing with a club since they don't have a Jumping team.

How do you see yourself involved in track and field in the future? 

Let's just say last season was probably my last and only season.

How about some words of wisdom for up and coming young track + field athletes? 

Try everything before you decide to focus on one thing. I discovered that I was OK at Triple Jump at the end of my first season and never got to try it in an actual meet.