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Track Etiquette

  • Nanaimo Track & Field Club athletes have priority use of the oval and sprint straight during reserved club practice times (see AVAILABILITY CALENDAR).

  • ·Walkers, strollers, wheelchairs are asked to use outside lanes at ALL times.

  • CHILDREN must be supervised at all times.

  • SKATEBOARDS, ROLLER BLADES and BICYCLES of any kind are not permitted. This is for everyone’s safety and to protect the track surface from damage or excess wear.

  • DOGS are not permitted in the facility.

  • The standard direction around the track is counter clockwise. If you choose to run or walk clockwise, please do so in Lane 8 and yield to others.

  • If you hear someone yell “track", a runner is coming up fast behind you and would like you to step quickly to the outside so they can pass.

  • Always look before changing lanes or crossing the track to avoid collisions.​

The Nanaimo Track and Field Club appreciates your cooperation!

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