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NTFC Code of Conduct

All athletes, coaches, parents, officials, volunteers and administrative members are expected to follow the Code of Conduct as outlined by BC Athletics

BC Athletics Code Of Conduct

We strive to provide a positive and safe environment for all to participate in.  Our focus is on team building and creating a family atmosphere, centered on mutual respect.


We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for:

– bullying


-racist or sexist comments and behaviour

-harassment; mental, physical or sexual

-use of tobacco alcohol and cannabis


Violations of the Code of Conduct

If a violation of the Code occurs, it will be reported and acted upon immediately. It is the responsibility of all to report any violations.  Reports of violations will be taken seriously.  For minor infractions, remedial actions can range from a verbal warning to withdrawal of privileges to participate.  Major infractions will be reported to the Head Coach and Board of Directors.  Remedial actions for major infractions can include temporary suspension from the Club including permanent expulsion.

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