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NTFC Facility

Rotary Bowl Stadium

385 Wakesiah Ave.

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Mailing Address

Nanaimo Track + Field Club

PO Box 39087 Harewood Mall PO

Nanaimo, BC V9R 7B7

2023 Board of Directors


President:                            Tyler Heisterman

Vice President :                   Win Myint

Secretary:                            Sheri Scarsbrrok-Gauthier

Treasurer:                            Don Putz

Registrar:                             Kim Cameron

Past President:                    Al Johnston

Major Fundraising:             Robert Shurniak

Meet Administrator:           Anette Thingsted

Coach Liaison:                    Mike Viers

JD Representative:             Peter Sinclair

Public Relations:                 Louis Beaudon

Athlete Representative:     Niall O'Hara

Directors at Large:              Tara Martin, Clint O'Hara, Olayemi                                                 Oyenuga

NTFC Administration

Program Registration

Claude Therrien—Track Manager

Facility rental, general inquiries

Wanda Urbanowicz—Head Coach

Head Coach (programming, training,
competition inquiries)

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