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NTFC Volunteering

NTFC Volunteer Policy:

A $200 volunteer hour deposit fee will be collected from each family at the beginning of the season, at the first week of practice. Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours (JD) and 15 hrs (High school) during the spring track season. A volunteer spreadsheet will be available to record hours. Should a family opt out of volunteering, their cheque will be deposited at the end of the season.

The Nanaimo Track and Field Club is a volunteer-driven organization.  Board members and coaches are volunteers who devote countless hours throughout the year.  Unlike many sports, track + field is a complex assembly of diverse events demanding varied coaching knowledge, athletic skills, equipment and regulations.


There is a lot going on at a track practice and help is needed in a variety of ways. See Volunteer Opportunities List below.

.**HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES can work off family volunteer hours by helping to coach the Track Rascals or Junior Development athletes, and/or by volunteering for the day during the April 30 Soil Sale Fundraiser! Parents of high school athletes will be needed to help NTFC host the 2023 BC Athletics Track + Field Jamboree July 7-9.


Hosting a track meet requires a rich pool of volunteers. Meet organizers, officials and coaches are all volunteers and rely on parents to fill a variety of roles necessary to maximize the experience for all of our athletes. No experience is needed for most of these roles but if you are interested in learning more, please consider being a coach assistant during practices to learn about the amazing sport of track + field!

The Elwood Wylie Memorial Track + Field Meet is our only club-hosted meet and is part of the Vancouver Island Series of 5 meets hosted around the Island from late April through June (see Meet schedule HERE). At each meet, clubs are required to provide volunteers to assist in a particular event area. Before each meet, a volunteer sign up sheet will be distributed.


When NTFC hosts Elwood Wylie on May 27 and 28, we expect that participating members will volunteer to help provide the best track + field experience for the Island track + field community! Above all, your athlete will appreciate that you have taken an active role in their athletic development!


  • COACH ASSISTANTS for Track Rascals and Junior Development programs: 

    • arrive 15 minutes early to dig and rake long jump pits, measuring jumps, keeping kids organized while coach instructs..

    • help high jump coach set up and put away equipment, raise bar between jumps.

    • rake shot put area before practice, sweep out throw circles.

    • assist sprint /hurdle coach with equipment set up, start and finish attendants

    • set up and put away equipment before and after practices (hurdles, cones, mats, wickets)

  • SOIL SALE FUNDRAISER (April 30 -mark your calendars!!) delivery drivers, loaders. THIS IS OUR ONE+ ONLY FUNDRAISER OF THE YEAR!! We need ALL HANDS ON DECK for this one!

  • BECOME AN OFFICIAL! Vancouver Island needs volunteer officials so we can continue to compete here in Nanaimo and around the Island in club and school meets. The Pathway to becoming an Official is easy and starts with a free online module to start your Level 1 training. This is followed by working as part of a officiating team at track meets to get exposure and experience to all the various event areas under the guidance of a Level 3 or higher official. It's the best seat in the house at track meets! If you want to know more, check out the BCA website HERE and contact us at with the word OFFICIAL in the subject line. Here in Nanaimo, we NEED more local officials to keep track + field alive and well!

  • NTFC GEAR TEAM: assist with gear sales organization and distribution.

  • HOST ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: join one of our committees planning Elwood Wylie and the 2023 BC Athletics Youth Track + Field Jamboree.

  • LOST + FOUND: arrange and maintain lost + found bin.

  • FIRST AID ATTENDANT: be available during practice sessions to attend to possible first aid needs.


    • ​manage concession during club-hosted track meet(s).​

    • stock refreshments for practices and manage volunteers for sales.

Please email with the word VOLUNTEER in the subject line to let us know how you would like to take an active role in your child's activities at the track!

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