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Facility Rentals

Track Availability
+ NTFC Practice Schedule

Click on the date to view times that track access is limited. The track is closed to the public during NTFC practice times and during track + field competitions.

Public Use of the Track

  • As long as there is no special event or Nanaimo Track & Field Club practice in session, casual use of the track for the general public is encouraged! 

  • NTFC members and other booked groups have priority use of inner lanes and sprint straight. The public is asked to use the outside lane for walking or jogging during these times.

  • If visits become regular, a coach is present or equipment is being used that indicates you are having a practice, you will be asked to make a booking, sign a rental agreement and pay a rental fee.

Renting the Track

The Rotary Bowl is on City of Nanaimo property and the Nanaimo Track + Field Club is contracted by the city to manage this facility and collect fees from groups using the track.

A “group” refers to an organized visit of 4 or more persons who:

  • attend on a regular basis; and/or

  • have a coach or instructor present; and/or

  • use equipment that indicates you are having a practice


Nanaimo Track and Field Club and the City of Nanaimo does not supply the user/renter with any liability or personal injury insurance. It is highly recommended that the Permit holder carry his or her own insurance policy and have signed waivers or consent forms for their participants.

To Book

Please send an email to
to inquire about rates for your group booking.

  • Nanaimo Track & Field Club athletes have priority use of the oval and sprint straight during reserved club practice times as per Availability calendar above. 

  • ·Walkers, strollers, wheelchairs are asked to use outside lanes at ALL times.​

  • CHILDREN must be supervised at all times.​

  • SKATEBOARDS, ROLLER BLADES and BICYCLES of any kind are not permitted. This is for everyone’s safety and to protect the track surface from damage or excess wear.​

  • DOGS are not permitted in the facility.​

  • The standard direction around the track is counter clockwise. If you choose to run or walk clockwise, please do so in Lane 8 and yield to others.​

  • If you hear someone yell “track", a runner is coming up fast behind you and would like you to step quickly to the outside so they can pass.​

  • Always look before changing lanes or crossing the track to avoid collisions.​

       The Nanaimo Track and Field Club appreciates your cooperation!

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