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High School Program
Ages 14-18 (Born 2009-2005

Please note:  open athletes ages 19+ will follow the same training and fee schedule as High School athletes.


Spring/Summer 2023 


High School Regular Season (starting Feb 28 to mid-July)

The High School season includes three training days per week, as well as strength training and gym sessions depending on availability. Athletes train in small event-focused groups led by experienced and passionate coaches. This program is for athletes wanting to participate in the spring/summer high school and club competition seasons, or senior athletes returning from university for the summer.

  • Training Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays, starting February 28.

  • Training Times: 4:00pm-5:30pm (mid distance group 4:30-6:00pm); Saturdays 9:30-11:00am

  • Cost: $350.00**

  • Location Rotary Bowl

** fee includes BC Athletics competitive membership fee plus entry fees to NTFC hosted Elwood Wylie Memorial Meet. For details on BCA membership fees click HERE

Volunteer Deposit: Please note that each club family is required to submit a $200.00 post-dated cheque at the first practice of the Spring season. These cheques are held for the course of the season, and will be destroyed in July upon successful completion of 15 volunteer hours over the course of the track and field season. There are many ways to volunteer and lists and sign-up opportunities will be available in early April.

See VOLUNTEER information HERE

Group Descriptions

Speed + Power training begins in the fall with the general preparation phase for sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers and throwers.  At this time, training focuses on general conditioning with strength, speed and explosive power development through weight + medicine ball training, plyometrics, sprints, core work, circuits, hills, mobility and specific skill development. Groups will split off when specific throws and jumps coaches are available, otherwise athletes will work with the sprint coaches.

Training becomes more event-specific in late winter/early spring as competition season approaches. Athletes at all levels work with the coaches to identify goals and create individualized training plans designed to promote peak performances at competitions at the club, provincial, national, and international levels.

Speed + power training is formally held three times per week and more frequently, according to event and individual needs in the early spring and summer. High performance athletes usually participate in a strength program which involves additional training time. Regular attendance is highly recommended.


The high school endurance program begins with cross country season from the end of August through December. During this time, group distance runs, fartleks, hills, circuit-training and interval training activities are used to prepare  for XC competition. Athletes typically take a short break around Christmas time between cross country and track seasons to recover.

Following XC season, speed work and more structured track sessions are used to prepare the athletes for the competitive track season in endurance running events. Three workouts are offered per week with additional distance runs for more competitive senior athletes.

High Performance Endurance Training

The Club stresses improvement at all levels and welcomes anyone regardless of their athletic background. The Club provides coaching for the athlete to achieve their own personal running goals. As the ability of the athlete develops and more specialized guidance becomes necessary, individualized programs can be tailored to each athlete. Such a decision is at the discretion of he coaches involved.

Group Separation

In many cases, different age groupings will have the same coach and follow similar schedules but this does not mean that all groups train together. We make an effort as a Club to separate athletes of different ability levels and ages where appropriate, and combine groups where mutually beneficial arrangements are possible.


High school athletes interested in throws will train through the fall/winter with the speed + power group and do more specific throws training when coaches are available.  Training begins in October and focuses on strength, power and technique development that will lay the foundation for the competitive spring/summer season.  Multi-event athletes (pentathletes, decathletes) will also train with this group. 


Jumps athletes typically train with the speed + power group for the fall/winter conditioning season. with some limited opportunities for jump specific training during the off season. Come Spring, athletes will train with jump-specific coaches to prepare for the competition season. 


Any questions about the suitability of the above programs are done on a case by case basis by coaches.  Contact Head Coach for more  information.

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